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At FarmHouse Properties, we take great pride in providing a high-level of personalized services to property owners and landlords in the Greater Atlanta area. We strive to take the stress out of managing your own property by providing creative ways to work together.

About us.

Hey There! We are Michael and Ciska.

We are the proud owners of FarmHouse Properties.  A short term rental management company that serves the Atlanta and surrounding areas.

FarmHouse Properties started with a simple vision in Mind:

To help real estate investors and owners make their property work for them instead of them working on their property.  We want to provide a true passive steam of income by leveraging the short term rental industry.

Having managed our own long term rental properties we understand the stress that comes along with tenants either not paying rent on time (or at all), seeing the damage a long term tenant can cause and having to undergo expensive repairs and remodels.  All of this takes a huge toll on your passive income.  

Being huge travelers ourselves and having stayed in short term rentals all over the world we loved the experiences we had with AirBNB, Vrbo and other travel platforms.  There is something to be said for staying and experiencing life amount the locals when you travel.  We want to provide those same memories to people visiting our client's properties and providing incredible accommodations to our guests is part of the memory.  

With the expansion and growth in the short term rental industry this has opened up an amazing opportunity to transform your investment property in a cash flowing vehicle.  

We also wanted to use our skills in property management to help homeowners reach their goal of financial freedom.  

We consider the relationships we have with our partners to be the most important part of our business.

When you Partner with us for Short-term rental management, you get:


  • Professional Security Systems including: exterior cameras and electronic locks.

  • Detailed guest screening process.

  • Guest Services & Monitored Direct Messaging.

  • Comprehensive Damage Deposits.

  • Clear Policies and handbooks for guests. 


  • Regular cleaning of the property by a professional company.

  • Ongoing maintenance performed to upkeep and protect your investment.

  • Professional interior design services available.

  • Restocking of consumables/supplies.


  • Property Listing on all major channels: AirBNB, VRBO, Expedia,, Trivago, and our direct booking site.

  • Proprietary pricing and listing optimization for the highest return and occupancy.

  • Professional photography and staging.


  • In-depth financial reporting each month.

  • Automatic Deposit - you get paid and you don't lift a finger!

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